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fulfilling life

I asked this question on Facebook one day: If you continue on your current path will you look back and say you lead a life that was fulfilling?

The respond was astounding. I have more engagement on that post that I had in a long time.

Most people are not living a life that they want to be living. Somewhere in their span of time, they got lost. They sort of gave up on doing what they really desire to be doing.

Intentionally Increasing or Unintentionally Decreasing

Intentionally Increasing or Unintentionally Decreasing

“Intentionally increasing or unintentionally decreasing.” [Do you ever feel like you’re just stuck and not sure what the next step or route to take or book to read? Then you must do an inventory of yourself and ask,”Am I intentionally increasing? Which means am I looking to get better ON PURPOSE? Or Am I unintentionally decreasing? Which means am I just letting life happen to me and just going with the flow?]