Credit Score BlockersCredit score blockers. There are millions of people looking to improve their credit scores and credit situations everyday.  They are doing searches and research looking for the best options, best routes, best people to listen too for the least amount of money.

The challenge is most people are concerned with their credit SCORE and not their credit HEALTH.  People are credit score watching and driving themselves crazy because they don’t understand that causes the change in their credit. When they should be focusing on credit HEALTH.

Your credit SCORE gets you in the door.  Your credit HEALTH gets you the credit (underwriting).

Your credit score today started when you were young.  Actually about the 2nd or 3rd grade when you start to get a strong concept of math and numbers and money. At this moment in life is when you financial literacy is supposed to be introduced.  In school and at home, learning about taxes, credit, money, interest, etc is supposed to be introduced.  Unfortunately millions of young people are left to their own devices when it comes to finances and credit.

So now you are here. What do you do? The only you can do…LEARN

Credit Score Blockers

Most people have up to 8 credit score blockers. These are things on your credit report that is BLOCKING your credit from being what it can be.

SN:  Once  you remove the credit score blockers or have someone remove them for you.  It’s up to YOU to determine what your credit score can be (on time payments, age of accounts, number of accounts, limit of accounts, limited inquiries).  Get coaching and training on how to rebuild your credit.

Before we get into what those 8 credit blockers are. Let’s talk about the difference between DISPUTING and CHALLENGING.

Disputing vs. Challenging

Disputing.  When you are disputing you are telling the credit bureaus that when you absolutely TRUE on your credit reports is NOT.  Now you can dispute whatever you want but most times accounts on your credit report are correct and up-to-date. So when you dispute, in many ways you’re being unethical because…YES…those accounts on your credit report are YOUR.  The 609 process (Section 609 of the FCRA) doesn’t really work.

Challenging.  If you are looking to get items off your credit report (inquiries, old information, derogatory accounts) you must CHALLENGE the item based on them being method 2 compliant.  In 2015 the credit laws changed a bit and the old ways of getting items off your credit no longer work.

The credit bureaus ask for some changes but the changes didn’t really help them because now creditors, collectors and the credit bureaus must show certain certifications to prove they are compliant based on the new process. Smart, huh?

The challenge is many people don’t know this now process exist AND don’t have the 9-10 page letters with the wording that speaks to the creditors, collectors and credit bureaus asking them to show these certification.  Also many people don’t know about the 8 step process that MUST be followed to get less than 30 day deletions and many accounts and items.

Let’s take about this 8 step process and credit score blockers.

The 8 Credit Score Blockers

Personal Identifiers

Personal identifies are one of the most common credit score blockers.  Personal identifiers is your personal information (name, address, DOB, job, phone number & SSN. If your personal identifiers aren’t uniform across all 3 credit reports, you could be missing out on 25 points on your credit score.


Inquiries are very sneaking credit score blockers. Here’s why.  Inquiries only make up about 10% of your credit score but they can prevent you from getting the scores and credit you desire.

Your credit score gets you “in the door” but it’s what you credit looks like that determines if you get the credit you desire.  When your credit report gets to the underwriting, they are looking at your credit HEALTH!! If you have too many inquiries but don’t have the credit to match, they are wondering why.  Your credit score may be better then it what before but your inquiries tell a different story.  They are wondering, “If you didn’t get the credit then, why?  They they are asking themselves, do I really want to give them credit today?  What if they don’t pay?  Do I really want to deal with a defaulted loan or account?”  Thus you get declined.

Credit score blocker 1, 2, 3, 4: You must challenge the company (1) that put the inquiry on your credit reports and the credit bureaus that are reporting them inquiry (2, 3, & 4).

Late Payments

Late payments are one of the most pressing credit score blockers. One of the major reasons most people have credit issue is due to late or non-payment of their credit accounts.  Your payment represents your responsibility with your credit accounts.  If you pay on-time never late, you have great responsibility.  If you are late on your payments (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 days late), you responsibility level is low and prevents other from lending you credit.  And if they do, they charge you more for it.

There are 3 sides to ridding yourself of late payments to increase your credit HEALTH

#1.  If the late payments are older than 4 years old, then don’t worry about challenging them because they have not affect.  For example if it’s 2018 and the late payment were in 2014 or later, then don’t bother to challenge them.

#2. If you have more than 3 late payments on the late payments are happened within the last 4 years.  Don’t worry about challenging them to bring them current.  Just challenge them off your credit.

#3.  If you have 1-3 late payments and it’s an account you WANT TO KEEP REPORTING and the late payment happened within the last 4 years, then challenge the late payments.

Credit Score Blockers 5 & 6: You must challenge with the company (5)  that you’re late with and the credit bureaus (6) reporting the late payments.

Derogatory Accounts

The final and most damaging of the credit score blockers is derogatory accounts. These accounts include: late payments (#2 above), charge-offs, collection accounts, bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, repossessions, medical bills and anything else that’s considered an adverse account.

These account you want to just challenge off your credit report.  There is nothing you can do to fix them or make them current and positive.

SN:  Never, ever pay a collection or charge-off account.  It will do absolutely nothing for your credit. Just challenge those accounts off you credit reports.

Credit Score Blockers 7 & 8: You must challenge with the creditor or collection account (7)  and the credit bureau (8) that reporting the derogatory account.

Confusion Maybe?

Now if you have done ANY credit repair research, many people or “gurus” talk about dispute.  Dispute, dispute, dispute. So if everyone is talking about disputing. What is this challenging stuff?

I know how this can be confusing but there is something that happens over time. Things change. Things get better. I’m not saying the 609 dispute process doesn’t work or that challenging is the absolute best.   I’m suggesting it’s just not as effective for those looking for faster results.  I’m learning this information from a 30 year credit specialist. If you are looking for more 30-60 day results. Having access to our challenging letter process will give you want you’re looking for.

I hope you’ve gotten value from this post.

If you are looking for some to help you and assist you with challenging credit score blockers on your credit reports

Up To 77 Points & A Little Credit Cleaning

We are going to do something that most credit “repair” companies won’t do.  We are going to help you clean up a little bit of your credit for you. We are going to do clean up all of your personal identifiers.  Your personal identifiers is your personal information this posted on all 3 credit reports.  If your information is not uniform on all 3 credit reports, it can block your credit score.

We Will Do This For You For ONLY…

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Here is an example of a few of the pages we’ll be sending for you:


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