How To Legally Cheat Your Credit ScoreHow To Legally Cheat Your Credit Score:

My eighth grade science teacher was a genius.

No, not at science…at catching students trying to cheat.

We called her The Hawk.

How To Legally Cheat Your Credit Score

First, The Hawk would walk through the bathrooms to check the paper towels for notes.

THEN she would make us take off our sweatshirts, in case we had written on our arms.

THEN she would force us to sit away from our best friends so we couldn’t help each other.

And THEN we could finally take the test.

That was fine for junior high…you shouldn’t cheat in school.

But in the real world, you’re supposed to cheat.

No, I don’t mean anything illegal (shame on you).

I mean you’re supposed to get help from people who know more than you do!

The Hawk would have called that cheating and dragged me by my ear down to the principal’s office.

But in the world of credit scores, it’s called coaching, consulting, mentoring.

And most people fail because they’re still trying to impress the Hawk.

They’re still trying to do it all on their own!

Newsflash: School’s out.

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