Intentionally Increasing or Unintentionally Decreasing

    Intentionally Increasing or Unintentionally Decreasing

    “Intentionally increasing or unintentionally decreasing.” [Do you ever feel like you’re just stuck and not sure what the next step or route to take or book to read? Then you must do an inventory of yourself and ask,”Am I intentionally increasing? Which means am I looking to get better ON PURPOSE? Or Am I unintentionally decreasing? Which means am I just letting life happen to me and just going with the flow?]

    Intentionally Increasing or Unintentionally Decreasing

    “Intentionally increasing or unintentionally decreasing” I had heard these words come from my father’s mouth a hundred times, but for some reason, at this point in time, it meant more to me than ever before. Maybe it was because I had been down a hard road of rejection and self-doubt or maybe I was just growing up, or both. Either way, as I listened to my father preach that Sunday, I could not get the words out of my head. I was a mess, and if anything was true, it was that I had not been increasing.

    Later that day, as golf was on TV and everyone was resting, as normal for my family on Sunday afternoons, my dad asked my a question, “Hey Mason, how are you and Jesus doing?” Thoughts ran through my head like a fried circuit board: How does he know? What should I say? Should I lie? Then I blurted out, “We are friends.” But my dad was not going to have a proverbial wool pulled over his eyes. He replied full of wit and love, “I know you are friends. I wanna know if you are on speaking terms.” I was busted. I had not been pursuing a relationship with Jesus, and often I felt that I need to fix myself before I could talk to him in prayer [Most people believe you have to be all “fixed up” before you can approach your mentor or coach or anyone you believe can help you in your quest. The purpose of that person it to help you get “fixed up”.] After my dad asked his question, I felt like I had been filleted open and was on the table for surgery. Over the next year, my dad and I had many conversations about talking to God. He pointed me to scriptures of John 10:14 and 27: “I am the good shepherd: I know my sheep and my sheep know me…My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.”

    Today I am a Pastor myself (the author, Mason Tanner), and I find myself often quoting those words, “Intentionally increasing or unintentionally decreasing.” We as human beings have a deep, innate desire to know and to be known. As a human race, we were created to know and be known by God…He views you and me with great love…just listen, He has things to tell you.

    This article was written by Mason Tanner. I got this article from a Good Life Magazine. This is NOT my work, but found it necessary to make it available to you. Anything in the [], are the words of the blog owner. You can get access to the article here.

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