No You Can't Homer Simpson Your Credit

No you can’t Homer Simpson your credit. This is not a process where you can just lazily do this.  You can’t say, “Can’t someone ELSE do it?”

That’s Homer Simpson’s campaign slogan when he runs for sanitation commissioner in one of my favorite episodes.

He promises round-the-clock garbage collection. He promises that his sanitation workers will do all the chores and cleaning for Springfield residences!

No You Can’t Homer Simpson Your Credit

And, of course, the lazy residents elect him in a landslide.

And then everything goes to crap.

He spends his entire yearly budget in one month and dumps excess garbage in a mine shaft.

It eventually explodes, covering the town in trash.

And Homer gets fired.

What’s this got to do with your credit score?

Well, some things you MUST do yourself.

You can’t just say, “Can’t someone else do it?”

And your credit score is one of those things.

You can’t outsource your credit score.

You must take responsibility for it.

You must learn about it.

You must spend time on it.

You must even spend some money on it.

Because nobody else cares about it like you do. And nobody can do the job for you.

And because it’s important!

  • It’s the way you buy the home you want.
  • It’s the way you get the car you need.
  • It’s how you get out of debt.
  • It can even be the way you get first class upgrades and free hotel stays!

And if you DON’T do it yourself, eventually it will explode and spew garbage all over your family’s future!

And the best way to get everything you need to avoid being buried in credit trash…

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No You Can't Homer Simpson Your Credit
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